Seasons Greetings from Mike Koziel & Faction Motorsports

December 08, 2014

Our good friend Mike Koziel teamed up with Faction Motorsports to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Burning rubber and the scent of pine trees make a wonderful combination when blended with the sound of turbos and holiday music. From the Defy All Odds® Movement to you, Enjoy! #DefyAllOdds #DareToDefy #ThereIsNoStoppingUs Continue Reading →

Meet Photographer Anthony LaGorga

December 04, 2014

Anthony LaGorga // 19 Years Old // Pittsburgh, PA // Photographer // Cerebral Palsy (CP) Diagnosed Anthony contacted us at Defy All Odds inquiring how to be a bigger part of the movement. After hearing his story and especially seeing his work, we were inspired. So, we brought him on board and now we are telling his story to you. Hopefully you feel the same way after reading; Inspired.  DAO: Tell us about yourself and your case of CP AG: I was born with a cleft lip and cerebral palsy. It effects body movement, muscle coordination and is caused by damage to the motor control centers of the brain. It effects me most in that it's hard for me to be on my feet for... Continue Reading →


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