Just wanted to thank everyone for coming on board and checking out what we have going on here at Defy All Odds Apparel. Our ultimate goal is to supply you guys with quality products at a solid price. Originality is very key in our brand. We know how much of a buzz kill it is to see a ton of people wearing the same clothing that you are sporting. Each design is handpicked by the crew here at DAO. Once a design sells out, we will not reprint, so stock up while quantities are available. Sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up to date on new releases, specials, and other rad stuff going on. Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions. Hit up the "Contact" page and drop us a line. Look for our fall line of clothing to be released shortly. It is pretty cool seeing an "idea" turn into reality. Anything in life is possible with a little bit of hard work, dedication, and motivation. -CTex .:Owner/Dao Apparel
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