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Shayna Texter wins Sacramento!

Shayna Texter wins her 2nd career GNC Main Event at the Sacramento Mile. Starting from the pole position, she led all but one lap in route to her first win this season. Being the only girl in the 18 rider main event, she "defied the odds" and brought home the gold. Awesome job!


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April 13, 2014

By January 8, 2010 – 7:28 pmThis is exciting news! Perhaps with the track right here, peolpe who have never seen, much less heard of Flat Tracking will experience it! It’s some of the most exciting racing on two wheels in my book! I swore I would never return to Daytona during bike week, but I guess I have to take that back now. I want to see some fast and daring racing and I want to see it Flat Trackin~

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